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Happy Clock Day!

2009-08-15 05:53:22 by EraserLock

Indeed, Happy Clock Day 2009!

Decided to parody my own movie:

Making something better next year.

Happy Clock Day!

Lock Day

2009-05-26 13:41:27 by EraserLock

Happy Lock Day everyone! Watch our (the Lock Legion) movies in the portal!

I made something as well:

Sorry if I disapointed someone for not making Cave Story ep.2. I'll do it later.

Lock Day

Happy Holidays or whatever...

2009-04-13 07:55:51 by EraserLock

Happy Easter or whatever you celebrate or do not.

Just telling that I've started to work on Cave Story ep.2 for Lock Day, which is on May 26th BTW.
I hope to brake the whole story into three episodes.
Storyboard is ready (first ever storyboard to be exact) if you can call it a storyboard.

Seeya in a month and a half.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

2008-12-25 07:27:29 by EraserLock

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Ban Day

2008-10-25 17:32:25 by EraserLock

Lock Legion is celebrating the first annual Ban Day.
Here's a short flash movie:


Ban Day

Daily 4th!

2008-08-17 05:31:47 by EraserLock

I got daily 4th!

Happy Clock Day 08!

2008-08-15 21:26:35 by EraserLock

Happy Clock Day!

My CD08 Flash:

Happy Clock Day 08!

Happy Lock Day

2008-05-27 00:39:10 by EraserLock

Even if it's nearly at end but still.

On Monday....

2008-05-23 13:33:09 by EraserLock

Is LOCKDAY! The best day of the year for a lock legionaire.
I won't be making my submission for this year as good as last year's, because of the lack of time and being lazy. I'm trying to get it finished during the weekend.
But I hope you all watch everybody elses flashes and vote high on them :)


Oh my God!

2008-04-24 13:47:03 by EraserLock

There's a new song by 403!
Yaaays for that!
And it has been out for more the 2 months and I haven't noticed it! gah!
Download it from here:

(even though the site's in Japanese you undertand it. If not, poor you.)

Lol at the "emo" name of it, but it's a freaking good song.